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Leonidis Tools & Plastics, creates molds, plastics and costum material for a wide range of industries. Check them out here.


We specialize in the manufacture of molds and production of special plastics. See all our services.

Leonidis tools Product design - R&D
leonidis product design rnd

Product design - R&D

“In my experience, it is very beneficial for the customer’s design engineers to work with their plastics supplier early in the process”, says Evangelos Leonidis, founder and owner of the company.

Leonidis tools 3D Prototyping
leonidis tools 3d prototyping

3D Prototyping

Leonidis accurately implements the required design work, giving a three-dimensional form to any customer idea from just a sketch or photo. The generated three-dimensional imaging files are then printed on a 3D printer and the prototype is delivered.

Leonidis tools Mold Construction
Leonidis Mold Construction

Mold Construction

Molds can often be the biggest obstacle to moving forward with a project, due to their potentially high cost.

Leonidis tools Plastic Production
production of plastics

Plastic Production

LEONIDIS offers economical, efficient and reliable production of plastics, whether for a complex design or for three different materials in a single cross-section.

Leonidis tools Special services
leonidis special services

Special services

The processing of plastic profiles does not finish at the extrusion machine.

Leonidis tools The ideal plastic in 6 steps
ideal plastic leonidis

The ideal plastic in 6 steps

Once you let us know your requirements, our experienced technicians will examine your needs and suggest the best solutions, either for a special profile or by recommending one of the products already in our catalog.

Do you need special plastics?

Let us know your requirements and our experienced technicians will examine your needs and recommend the best solutions either with a special profile or by recommending one of our streaming products.




Complete range of sliding and opening doors for multi-chamber refrigerators. Normal temperature applications,with a minimum temperature of 0°C, but also low temperature applications, with a minimum temperature of -25°C.

  • Sliding for Glass 8, 12, 14 frameless, 18mm.
  • Fixed Glass Showcase 22 mm.
  • Opening Aluminum Door 36 mm. Frameless
  • Opening Aluminum Door 26mm. With a frame
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Polyurethane Constructions

Polyurethane Constructions

The selection of the appropriate plastic profile is the starting point for the construction of refrigeratorsand cabinets. The solutions offered by LEONIDIS are varied and cover the needs of any customer.

  • Metal Sheet Connection Plastic 20, 25, 40 mm.
  • Thermal break 40, 46mm
  • Profile for Rubber (Tether cords) 4 / 4.5 / mm.
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Components made of AISI 304 stainless steel or plastic, necessary for the industrial manufacturing process. At LEONIDIS, care and attention to detail is a given.

  • Door Connection Parts
  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Handles
  • Hinges
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Adhesive tapes, magnets, drains and a wide range of LEONIDIS accessories are at the disposal of manufacturers that can cover every need related to their constructions and applications, howeverspecialized these needs may be.

  • Drains
  • Sewage Rubber
  • Magnets
  • Polyurethane Plug
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Runoff Collection Tank
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Numerous aesthetic styles and technological solutions, angle-shaped, U-shaped and column-shaped plastics.

  • Led Strip Bases and Covers
  • Angle Profile For Magnet
  • U-shaped frames 50, 60, 70mm.
  • Base strip 18-20 mm
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Adjustable feet are used to support and align structures, machinery and furniture that require vertical adjustments in order to function properly. Adjustable feet are available in different base andscrew sizes to fit different applications. Larger sizes offer better stability.

  • Plastic foot 10-12
  • INOX foot 8.5-12.5
  • INOX foot 10.5-15.5
  • Set 25x25, 30x30, 35x35, 40x40
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Accessories & Profiles For Cabinets

LEONIDIS has cabinet connectors for durability and functionality. Aluminum guides, castors and roller bearings for door manufacturers.

  • Cabinet Guide
  • Rollers With Blade
  • Bottom Guides for Doors 16, 18 mm.
  • Recessed Door Handles
  • Coffee Drawer Bar
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Priceholders for shelves, price display systems, hooks for perforated panels, shelf dividers. LEONIDIS offers the possibility of producing them with mono & co extrusion.

  • Tego, Yudigar Melamine and Glass Shelf Profiles
  • Wire Hook Shelf Profile
  • Shelf dividers 6, 12 cm
  • Adhesives 32, 40, 73 mm.
  • Magnetic stops 4, 6m.
  • Pusher
  • Plastic Frames
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Plastic document holders, Plastic profiles for roller-blind systems, Plastic spare parts for industrial air conditioners.

  • Suspension Laths
  • Paper Holders
  • Plastic Weight for Roller Blind
  • Cloth Rods For Director’s Chairs
  • Drip collector for Industrial Air Conditioners
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Our executives

With an eye in the future, we have invested in innovative material and process technologies to successfully meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Evaggelos Leonidis

General Manager & Head of Design Department

Xanthippi Leonidou

Commercial Director

Athanasios Petrou

Machine Shop Manager

Stamatia Grigoriadou (Matina)

Financial & Administrative Services Manager

Leonidis in numbers

no1 sxediasmos kaloupion

No. 1 in the design and manufacturing of molds for plastic profiles in Greece

protis ulis

Know-how in over 15 different types of raw material

plastic profile

2.213.000 meters
Annual plastic profile production of

tm egkatastaseis

1500 sq.m.
of privately owned facilities

xronia empeirias

45+ years
of experience in mold manufacturing


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