production of plastics

Plastic Production

LEONIDIS offers economical, efficient and reliable production of plastics, whether for a complex design or for three different materials in a single cross-section.

Its competitive advantage for the production of custom plastic profiles lies in the top quality materials it uses, but mainly in its many years of experience and know-how in the production of over 15 thermoplastic materials covering a wide range of uses, each having its own advantages.

In particular, LEONIDIS uses the following materials: PVC, which has high hardness with good mechanical and insulating properties and is ideal for simple or complex cross-sections; ABS; polyethylene (PE); polypropylene (PP); acrylic (PMMA); polycarbonate (PC), acetal (POM); polyamide (PA) and others.

Production process

During the plastic profiles production process, the raw material, in the form of granules, enters the heated chamber, which is equipped with a special shaft that presses the plastic so that it melts. When the molten plastic reaches the end of the chamber, where the corresponding mold with the cross-section / shape to be given to the plastic is located, it is injected into the mold and takes its final shape. When extracted from the mold, the plastic is hot and it is cooled in a controlled manner to avoid deformation. The product is then cut and packaged, or forwarded to the next processing stage.

The mold is a critical element and accounts for 85% of the success of a plastic profile. The formation of plastic involves the traditional use of air, vacuum, calipers and a cooling bath; where technically required by the cross-section of the plastic, additional formation services are also implemented, in order to ensure the desired result for the ideal plastic profile.

Applications of plastic profiles

  • plastic shelves for supermarkets
  • point of purchase displays
  • accessories for stainless steel cabinets
  • plastic profiles
    • for refrigerators, freezers
    • refrigerator showcases
    • window rollers
    • mesh screens
    • cooling - heating systems
    • display systems / stands
    • lighting
    • Furniture (wardrobes/children’s beds/decorative elements/interior doors/kitchen equipment)
    • Shading systems/Roller blinds
    • Ventilation
    • and other custom profiles