Co-extrusion is the process of compressing two or more materials through the same die to produce a single piece. Co-extrusion has opened new horizons, successfully solving several challenging manufacturing needs.

As a producer of special plastic profiles, we serve many different industries. We work closely with our customers to provide the highest quality plastic extruders, whether this concerns electronics, stainless steel constructions, office furniture, lighting, plastic price tags, mosquito repellert systems, etc.

The pricing of a mold requires the evaluation of a number of factors. However, depending on the complexity of the cross-section and the raw materials, we could estimate that the cost starts at €1,500.00.

We have the ability to limit the minimum production quantity to 1,500 meters. However, this amount varies according to the cross-section of the plastic, and can be significantly higher for small cross-sections. We are nevertheless able to adjust our offer depending on the order quantity and to make partial deliveries upon agreement.

The calibrator is an important part of most extruder molds and is specialized for each profile. The calibrator determines the dimensions of the final plastic using vacuum, and shapes the profile during the cooling process. The calibrator ensures the control of production costs and guarantees consistent dimensions in the produced profile.

The purpose in material selection is to determine which properties best suit the usage requirements of your plastic profile. Many characteristics need to be considered, such as temperature of use, exposure to chemicals, flammability requirements, environmental impact, aesthetics and overall function of the plastic. We will work with you to choose the best balance between the properties of the material, the function of the plastic and the cost.