leonidis special services

Special services

The processing of plastic profiles does not finish at the extrusion machine.

At Leonidis we offer many options regarding the final touches of your profiles, as we believe that the existence of a single source for both extrusion and construction meets the requirements of our customers in a timely as well as economical manner.

From prototype creation, decoration, complex assembly to tape pasting, drilling, gluing, perforating/cutting, and special packaging, we are proud of our ability to meet each customer’s requirements for their product.

Prototype creation


We can produce your product in any color. We are known for meeting demanding standards and delivering high quality plastics.

Color is essential to the successful branding and marketing of a product, as it directly influences the customer’s decision making. Colors are more than just a visual aid: they convey emotions and experiences.

A plate, a Pantone or RAL number initially provide you with a rough idea of the preferred shade, and our engineers adjust the recipe until they achieve an acceptable color match.

Applications that can benefit from color matching services include:

  • Construction
  • Industrialization
  • Supermarket purchases (Point-of-purchase display)
  • Furniture

While the final decision on the pigment is yours, our team can identify the ideal materials and colors for your product, ensuring that you get the perfect match.

Cut to length

Plastic profiles can be produced in various lengths, according to your requirements. They can also be rolled up if the cross-section allows it.

Adhesive tape

We can apply double-sided tape on the plastic profile, either adhesive or magnetic, depending on the profile.

Perforate & Cut

We can perforate and cut sections in plastic profiles off- and in-line.

Bevel cut

Our bevel cut service is available for the edges of our plastic profiles as an off-line process.

Thermal bonding of plastics for the creation of crates/doors/showcases

Co- and Tri-Extrusion

We manufacture/produce co- and tri-extrusion, which is a combination of rigid and flexible materials that can also be of different colors.