ideal plastic leonidis

The ideal plastic in 6 steps

Once you let us know your requirements, our experienced technicians will examine your needs and suggest the best solutions, either for a special profile or by recommending one of the products already in our catalog.

We understand that the components and profiles we deliver to you are critical to the performance of your end products and that the quality of our products affects the quality of your products.

It is this commitment that makes our customers prefer us.

The process we apply:


Our technicians will work with you to provide advice and guidance, in order to help you with the design, in in order to ensure the optimal functionality of your mold. We can bring you in contact with design partners, if you don’t have your own team.


The in-house machine shop unit manufactures the molds and makes any necessary modification directly and quickly, ensuring absolute product quality control.


The next implementation step is the testing process, which aims to ensure that the manufactured molds meet your requirements as well as your exact specifications for the end product.


Before that start of the main production, we send you samples for approval. Necessary modifications are made where and when required.


The approved product is scheduled for production at the requested times.


We ship your products to the desired destination, or you can arrange collection using your own transport company.