General Terms and Conditions of Sale

GENERAL: The following general terms and conditions of sale are valid and applicable to every contract for the sale of goods entered into by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" in Greece or abroad. They form an integral part of every document issued for every sale and supersede any other. Any modifications will be valid only and only if the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" has accepted it only in written. The submission of an order to the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" automatically constitutes the full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions. In the event that any of these general terms and conditions should be deemed invalid for any reason, the remaining terms shall continue to apply as if the invalid term had not been included in them.

VALIDITY: The validity of the sales contract begins with the written and only acceptance of "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP” and on the condition that the buyer has not revoked the order within 24 hours.

PRICES AND CHARGES: The prices of the products of the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" include the costs of simple packaging, i.e. cardboard boxing, film. Product prices do not include shipping costs, 24% value of added taxes and packaging costs in single pallets and pallets with supports, which are subject to an additional charge. The company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" may modify the price list of its products without any obligation to notification.

DELIVERY TIME: Delivery time for goods is always estimated and no claim for compensation is due for late delivery of products. The delivery time indicated for each product in the online store is not binding. In any case, the company will make every effort for the immediate delivery of the ordered goods. The company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" is entitled to make partial deliveries as well as deliveries before the agreed delivery time. The company is not responsible for delivery delays, as long as this is due to unforeseen events and force majeure events, i.e., indicatively, strikes, physical disasters, war, lack of required materials or other necessary materials to fulfill the contract. In such a case, the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" will inform the buyer as soon as possible. In the event of a force majeure situation for a period longer than two months, both parties to the contract may terminate the contract.

PLACE OF DELIVERY: The place of delivery is either the registered office of the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" or the address stated by the buyer, which will be indicated in the documents issued for each and every sale. This indicated address will not be able to change, when the goods are being transferred to their final destination. If the buyer does not receive the goods within ten (10) days of being notified to this effect, it becomes immediately overdue, the price is due and payable and is increased by any additional costs (storage, insurance, etc.). In this case, the seller company may choose to dispose the goods elsewhere and withhold the advance payment given by the customer for this order, as a penalty clause and may claim compensation. In the event that the buyer indicates a different place or person for delivery of goods, the delivery of the products will be counted by the delivery to the indicated place or person respectively. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. Any coverage of transportation costs by the seller does not imply acceptance or assumption of the responsibility or risk of transportation. When submitting the order, if an authorized person has not been appointed to receive the products from the buyer, it will be assumed that any person operating within the buyer's company will be able to receive the goods with their own signature, having an order and power of attorney for this purpose, to be authorized in the name and on behalf of the buyer. Accordingly, the signed documents and receipts shall constitute full and written proof, especially, of the delivery of the goods. For any delays during the delivery of the products or unloading of the goods, the seller company bears no responsibility.

DAMAGE DURING TRANSPORTATION: The transportation of the goods (including loading-unloading) will be performed in the name and on behalf of the buyer, who will bear the relevant risk. The risk is transferred to the customer as soon as the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" delivers the products to the transport company or to any other designated for the execution of this purpose. The company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" bears no responsibility for damage or loss of products during their transportation, unless the company has undertaken their transportation with its own means of transport. In this case, the company's liability is limited to the restoration of the damaged products or the replacement of the lost ones.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE OF PRODUCTS: The sold quantities (pieces per meter or kilogram) may deviate from the agreed up to +/- 5% and the corresponding charge is made. The company is not obliged to inform the buyer about this. The buyer is obliged to use the products based on the specific specifications and instructions for their intended purpose. The seller company is not responsible for any wrong and incorrect use of the products by the buyer. RETENTION OF OWNERSHIP: The ownership of the products is not transferred to the buyer and is retained by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" until their full and complete payment. In the event of termination of the contract, the company may, in addition to its other rights, demand the immediate return of its products invoking the right to retain ownership.

WITHDRAWAL OF AN ORDER: In the case of an order concerning products or services with specific characteristics, it is not possible to withdraw this order, because the execution of this kind of order was designed and manufactured on behalf of the specific buyer and based on the specific characteristics that the buyer desired, thus making it impossible to sell it to another customer. In addition, the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" has the right to withhold the advance payment which was paid due to this specific special order. Changes, modifications or cancellations of orders for products already in production, are not accepted.

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: You have the right to withdraw from the contract, with no reason, by returning the whole order or part of it, within five (5) working days from the product delivery. For this reason, you should inform the seller company by a written letter addressed to the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP", filling in all the information related to the contract and order, such as number and date of order and delivery, complete customer details. Once the product return request is approved by the company, you are required to return the products in their original perfect condition in which they were delivered to you, accompanied by the corresponding invoice/receipt. Return shipping costs are borne by the buyer. Your money will be returned to you within 14 calendar days from the delivery of the products and the control of the returned products by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP".

PAYMENT METHODS: All payments are made after the invoice of a corresponding receipt/invoice by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP", exclusively and only by cash, by deposit or by transfer to an indicated account by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" and by bank transfers checks. Payments to the seller company are carried out under the responsibility of the customer and any kind of expenses that may arise during the banking transaction are borne by the buyer. Value documents issued for the payment of an order are issued for the purpose of payment and not in payment of the buyer's debt. Settlement or offsetting in whole or in part with any claims of the buyer, from any cause they originate, is not possible. In case of late payment, the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" reserves the right to charge late payment interest, based on the applicable interest rate, as well as to interrupt or refuse the delivery of the products without compensation for the company, seeking any amount resulting from the non-delivery of the products. If no specific payment date is indicated on the invoice, then it must be paid in full within thirty (30) calendar days. The tax documents issued on behalf of the buyer must bear the signature and full name of the person who is legally entitled to sign them, as well as the seal of the legal entity to which they may have been issued. The invoice can be sent either electronically by email or by post.

RESPONSIBILITY: The company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" is liable towards the buyer only in cases of fraud and negligence. In case of a defective product, the buyer must immediately inform the company, which must replace it. In such a case, the company bears the return costs. Any other claim is excluded and in particular in case of consequential damage caused by the defects of the product, provided that this is not a consequence of a lack of guaranteed specifications.

E-SHOP: The company's online store is located at . Every user/visitor who enters into a contract through the e-shop unreservedly consents and agrees to these terms. The seller company processes incoming requests in 1-2 working days (Monday to Friday, holidays are not counted in the processing time of requests). Requests to receive an offer are not binding. The company will send the e-visitor an offer via email which will be valid for five days. Subsequently, after the acceptance of the offer, the registration of the order follows with all the required information and is sent via e-mail to the e-mail address stated by the buyer, who is responsible for the correct completion of his e-mail address. The availability of the products of the e-shop is indicated for each product separately. In the event that a product is in partial or total shortage, the company immediately informs the customer at his/her e-mai address that has declared. If the order cannot be shipped, then it will be canceled and the customer will not be charged. If part of the order can be shipped, then the customer will be charged according to the available products that have been shipped.

COPYRIGHT: All the content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, information, services and products provided are copyrighted by the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" and are protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek, European and International law. Any case of copying, downloading, reproduction, distribution, transfer, uploading, falsification, creation of derivative work or misleading the public about the real provider of the website is expressly prohibited. The distinguishing features representing the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" and its online store, such as images, logos, colors, names, words, products and services are exclusively registered trademarks and distinguishing features of the company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" and its online store and are protected by the Greek, European and International Law that governs Registered Trademarks Law and Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.

PERSONAL DATA: The company "EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP" manages and protects the customer's personal data in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Greek National, European and International Law regarding the Protection of the Individual from the management of personal data, as the Law applies and is in force today.

APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: Any dispute, questioning or disagreement arising during the application of these terms of sale and during the execution of the contract of sale, between the company " EVAGGELOS LEONIDIS & SIA GP " and the customer, will be governed by Greek Law, while the Courts of Katerini will be competent.